christmas hallmark hell

I’ve fallen into the Hallmark-type Christmas movie hellhole again.

I say “Hallmark-type” because I once had the Hallmark Channel as a freebie for a while.

It’s always the same story over and over again…

Big city girl returns to her small hometown to save the family’s inn/bakery/hotel/perfume company from a hostile take-over by good-looking man. Usually this good-looking man is a widow who or without a child. Big city girl falls in love said good-looking man before she finds out who he really is. Chaos ensues when she finds out his true identity. Good-looking man tries to apologize but she wants nothing to do with him until he decides to leave town. Someone gives her advice that leads her to chase after him. Then happily-ever-after occur.

You get the picture.


The dialogue usually sucks, everything in the storyline is beyond predictable and it always makes me laugh when the main female character explains her entire backstory within the first 5 minutes.

Double ugh when the couple falls in love at first sight within the first 10 minutes and it’s all sooooo cheesy.

And yet here I am again watching this mess. Somebody stop me. Please.

Over the past week on Netflix, I’ve run through How Sara Got Her Wings, Christmas with a View and Once Upon A Holiday. I actually fell asleep through all three but we all know how they end so…

The only two that I actually thought were kind of cute were Let It Snow (a teenage version of Love Actually) and The Knight Before Christmas (a different spin).

But as usual, these movies always get me thinking…

It’s almost 2020.

Are there no people of color as lead characters in any of these movies or am I just not bumping into them?

I challenge you to drop the Christmas Hallmark-type movies that have a female person of color as a lead character. I really would be most interested to know.


40 thoughts on “christmas hallmark hell

  1. I haven’t seen a Hallmark movie in ages. That’s a legitimate point about how most of those movies don’t have leading characters who are POCs. Maybe you should make a movie like that, but with better writing and acting!

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  2. There are some movies this year with people of color in the lead on either Hallmark or Lifetime. I’ve seen previews but I cannot remember the names! I liked Let it Snow, too. Some of the movies are impossible to watch and not just because they’re campy! The acting can be downright awful!

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  3. I know of one… It’s called A Christmas Miracle. I saw it listed on the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries channel.

    I don’t even care if it’s embarrassing… I have had the Hallmark Channel (one or another of them) playing pretty much constantly for many days now. Had to change it for H50, obviously.

    There are a few of these movies that I actually love. Not that I can remember the names of them… my memory sucks! And there are many that I’ve seen several times but that doesn’t stop me from watching them again. I even have my favorite actors in these movies. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Hallmark recycles their actors.

    What I am sick of, though, is my family making fun of me for watching these movies. I enjoy them. Suck it up!

    One of my daughter’s friend’s moms watches too. The other night, my girl’s friend texted her and asked if I was watching a movie where they just got pizza delivered because that’s what her mom was watching. And the answer was yes… I was watching. The kids thought it was hilarious.

    Glad I amuse them.

    Miss you… Hope you’re doing well. ❤

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        1. I know, I know 🙂 I don’t what it is about those tropes that make us ladies fall deep into that Hallmark hole! For me, thankfully, I found an EXCELLENT (at least I think it is) replacement that I binge watched on Netflix…Wanna know what it is?


            1. Sshhh…the right balance of cheesed, feel-good and positive vibe messages can be found in Dolly Parton’s “Heartstrings”. I binge watched and look forward to more if there are any more!


  4. I’m with you girl! I…LOVE…THEM! But I haven’t watched any this season because Hallmark actually put out a statement that basically said they don’t have time to be finding black leads and things 🙄 so yeah…there are a few on Netflix and OWN that are just as cheesy with black people.

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    1. Excuse me? They actually said that??? That’s a sure fire way for me to reduce my Hallmark consumption. 🤷🏾‍♀️ It’s always been so easy for big entities like that to disregard and discard us. But at least there are Shondas, Avas and Issas out there…

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  5. I don’t usually watch the Hallmark Christmas movies, but I heard really good things about the Knight Before Christmas.

    I will keep an eye out for more diversity, though I don’t watch much, so I’m not a great resource. But, great food for thought!

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