christmas hallmark hell – part 2 #hallmark #hallmarkchannel

Right after I posted my Christmas Hallmark Hell post, I decided to go on a diet from Hallmark Christmas movies until they are a little more reflective of today’s society.

I have nothing against the Hallmark Channel and I’m not saying that anyone should stop watching it too.

What I’m saying is that I’m not ashamed to say that I was always a bit “cancel culture” and long before the term became popular in the here and now. Actually, it’s less “cancel culture” and more like “if you don’t want me, I will spend my time and energy elsewhere” mentality.

I mean, though “Friends” was an okay tv show back in the day and I found some of the truthful female experiences behind certain “Sex In The City” storylines funny, those shows lost my attention when I realized that people of color were either non-existent, existed as heavy-handed stereotypes or were only integrated into the show after some viewers complained about the lack of diversity.

So my decision to ditch HC Christmas movies isn’t a harsh one, it’s just how I’ve rolled since my early twenties.

It was easy for me to simply walk away and not look back.

But it’s almost 2020 and by now, I shouldn’t feel the need to be walking away that much right?

This Part 2 to my original post is to underline how the universe works – not funny as in “haha” but funny as in this (stereotypical) “Mmmm”…

Since my post, I’ve heard about the Ellen Degeneres’ tweet, I’ve read about what one HC actors has said and a number of you have sent me different articles related to HC’s lame excuses.

So I guess that I’m not alone in my thinking. And I can’t stand excuses.

Thanks to all those who sent me titles of HC-type movies with diverse lead characters. For the fun of it, I will be checking them out. If you are interested in those movie titles too, you can check the comments of the other post.

And to that reader who suggested that I write my own Hallmark Christmas movie… 🙂




5 thoughts on “christmas hallmark hell – part 2 #hallmark #hallmarkchannel

  1. Yeah, I’ve been a Hallmark movie viewer for DECADES and the flavor has become bland and predictable.

    Will never understand why our mediums of entertainment can’t reflect the world but instead cater to a subset who don’t see…or have no problem with…the lack of inclusion.

    Lifetime is no better. I received one of their newsletters just a couple of hours ago with the header, “Tatyana Ali Stars in ‘Christmas Hotel’ This Weekend.” So, you would expect to open the email and see her face in one of the large featured movie boxes, right?


    Scroll halfway down the page to the additional group of movies (in boxes a quarter of the size of featured movies) and there she is. Still trying to understand the point of the header. A recognizable name will lead to more open emails? (Cuz’ I don’t know ANY of the actors in the top two movies.)

    I guess it’s still “I Have A Dream,” and “Keep Hope Alive”…while we wait.

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    1. Interesting. I don’t have Lifetime or Hallmark but do you think you that header was “personalized” to your likes? I’m getting more suspicious in my old age about how our internet searches and “likes” creeps into our stuff. I’m finding more ads in my feeds and online ads contain Black women and/or interracial couples where the women are Black…

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