what are you leaving behind?

It’s time for 2019 to leave and never come back.

Though I don’t blog as much and may not always comment, I know that 2019 has not been too kind to a number of you.

To be honest, the year hasn’t been the greatest for me either.

Bah hum bug.

Too much drama, work, unhealthiness, loss and sadness.

And certain changing landscapes of life that came too soon.

Yeah, your time is up 2019!

There are so many posts flying around social media about “What are you leaving behind in 2020?” and I like the idea of deciding what you don’t want to carry into a spanking brand new year.

Why is deciding what you don’t want easier than figuring out what you do want???

Off the top of my head, I have one thing at #1 on my list:

To leave behind my OCD-like habit of putting my oxygen mask on last to save everyone (including acquaintances) first.

That one item would have a huge ripple effect on EVERYTHING

I’ll suffer some guilt and a number of consequences but hopefully I’ll reap some benefits, like being able to breathe a little more deeply.

What is THE one thing you will leave behind in 2019?

What do you owe yourself in 2020?

I challenge YOU to write a quick post and drop it in the comment box OR simply comment here.

Let’s do this together! Go ahead and share this with your friends!

Here are a few links to get your brain juices flowing:
50 Bad Habits To Leave Behind In 2019 (easily applied to 2020)
In 2020, Let Go Of The Things That Hold You Back
20 Things To Let Go Of Before 2020

13 thoughts on “what are you leaving behind?

  1. Leaving behind planning for the future…meaning I’m no longer putting things off until I’m happy, healthier or more “settled.” My husband and I had so many plans we put off for foolish reasons, and now he’s gone and I have a list of things to do alone. 💔
    I’ve been doing things because of Den or in his memory these last few months, but I’m learning that’s hard-and painful-to sustain. Going into the new year I owe it to myself to be happy on my terms. Easier said than done but it’s what I’m aiming for. 😉
    Happy New Year, my friend. 💕

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    1. I hear you. You were one of those I was thinking of when I wrote the post. I’m tired of waiting for A, B and C to be “just right” instead of just taking some calculated risks. The time is now.💜 Here’s to a smoother 2020 my dear!

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