baby steps

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions.

My resolutions always end up like my “I’ll start my diet next Monday” promises – in a big old dumpster fire because they were are big and I expect results too quickly.

However I do believe in trying to find solutions to bothersome situations with tiny little steps and if I happen to try when it’s January or September, so be it.

Baby steps.

Like removing the Facebook app from my phone as of January 1…

Ignoring all that oh-so jaw-dropping drama right now in Romancelandia on Twitter…

Like no longer reading, reading and reading more books about the craft of writing when all I need is to simply write…

Like no longer researching about self-publish when I just need to complete a piece to publish…

Like limiting the time I spend admiring other people’s photos on Instagram…uhh…well, except for one artist’s IG where the thirst traps are too hard to resist.


In the past few days that I’ve committed to limiting distractions or not doing any of the above, I feel like I’ve recouped so much time.

More time to dedicate to reading which will help me add to my Book Review widget.

Yeah, baby steps.

What baby steps are you taking?




12 thoughts on “baby steps

  1. Before I even come up with a baby step, I’ve already told myself I can’t do it. It’s amazing how good I am at tearing myself down. I wish I could be that good at other things. It seems that the only time I accomplish something is when I just fall into doing it without plans. If I plan, I fail. Like when I was looking for something the other day, I ended up reorganizing a few kitchen cabinets. That’s been on my list of things to do for months and I ignored it. But when it accidentally just happened, it finally… happened. So… is my first step to not plan to take any steps??

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