baring your soul

Would you bare your soul online if your anonymity was totally guaranteed?

I definitely wouldn’t.

Besides not believing that there is such a thing as total anonymity when it comes to anything done online, I would be much too paranoid and careful to do it.

But what if it was to take a weight off your heart or to warn others against mistakes you have made?

I’m still not sure if I would do it.

But Lily, the character in my Wattpad story is doing just that – sharing her horrible experience with her abusive ex and confessing how she may or may not have tried to kill him.

Though I wouldn’t do it, my curiosity would get the better of me if I stumbled across a real blog like Lily’s…

If you’d like to give a read at what I’ve written so far, you can visit “If My Wounds Were Visible” on Wattpad here.



13 thoughts on “baring your soul

  1. Nope. Nada. Not doing it. If I have serious issues to deal with, I’d rather do it face-to-face with someone I know. And warning others to help them avoid mistakes I made is useless because people NEVER listen and always express regret in hindsight. 😉

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      1. Again, no, and I know this makes me sound like the world’s most awful person, but why would I care? We’re all dealing with something and even if it’s the same thing–like loss of a spouse, depression or substance abuse–no two people will deal with it in the same way.

        Remember I said earlier people never listen to warnings or advice? Usually, they feel invincible–“that will never happen to me,” out-of-touch and and never think things through (and are always repeating their mistakes), or they simple do not approve of you OR how you handled your issues, and that isn’t a dig at anyone. I’ve read blogs that left me thinking, “Why would you post that?”

        There are a handful of personal blogs I do follow but mostly for support so blog owners know someone “hears” them.

        Good or bad, life’s a journey and not everyone needs to take it with you. 😊

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  2. It all depends on my mood. I’m a compulsive kind of girl.
    Off topic, but is Wattpad a legitimate writing site? I know it had a rep for housing 1D fanfic, but I didn’t know people posted original stuff on there! There aren’t many places to post stories, so I’ve been on the lookout. I have a Fictionpress account but I’ve never used it.

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    1. I heard Wattpad used to be a place where rampant plagerism took place (and tons of fan fiction) but it has supposedly evolved. Readers are guaranteed so I’m posting one story (originally posted on my blog and now rewriting it on Wattpad) that I had already planned on being a freebie as a way to introduce my writing style. I have/had Fictionpress and forgot all about it.


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