5 things i like about myself in my forties

Photo by @INSTAGUILHERME on Pexels.com

Cyranny’s 5 More Things I Like About Myself, was such an interesting self-reflective exercise that I decided to give it a try. 

I totally agree with Cyranny when she said that it’s much easier to list things we don’t like about ourselves than the things we do. Without a moment’s hesitation, I could list off an arm’s length of ish about myself …

I’m tackling Cyranny’s mini-challenge with a twist of my own. I’m calling my post, “5 Things I Like About Myself In My 40s”.

Here we go!

  • I no longer care about looking foolish: Somewhere in my forties, I woke up one day and said, “F*ck it“. Like every time I go left instead of going right in dance class (a whole other post) … The younger me would have been embarrassed at messing up the choreography but instead the 40+ year old me will laugh and call it freestyling when the dance teacher looks annoyed. I just laugh and keep moving. I’m there to have a little fun, learn some new steps and burn extra calories. Dude, it’s not that serious so chill…

  • I’m soooo much better at saying “no”: When I used say “yes” to everything and everyone, I would get annoyed at being taken for granted. But you know what they say – “you teach people how to treat you” so it was all my fault. Now, I’m quick to think about how saying “yes” will affect my life and how that person would likely survive and thrive if I wasn’t around. “No, that’s not good for me” or “I wish that I could but I can’t” rolls off my tongue like a hot knife in butter. I’m still working on mastering the art of never offering the “why”, unless I feel it absolutely necessary. 

  • I’m more vigilant about guarding my time : A lot of my 20s and 30s were spent accomplishing things I didn’t really want,, listening to bad advice and being supportive to people who barely reciprocated. Not anymore. Those experiences taught me numerous life lessons and the time I have left on this earth will be more self-full. 

  • Eliminating negative narratives towards my “likeness”: I have gone from low tolerance to no tolerance in my 40s. Any kind of media that falsely denigrates women of my likeness or perpetuates that old unworthy, thirsty, ugly, angry woman stereotype gets muted FAST. I grew up not knowing better and allowing that toxicity to seep into my soul but no more. Zero patience and zero tolerance.  

And since Cyranny’s challenge must include one physical trait:

  • I have a nice smile: People often tell me that I have a kind smile but I never really gave it much thought. However, I have realized that the power of a smile has gotten me out of a number of sticky situations and has often gotten me things I’ve wanted.

So there you have it.

Those are my 5 things. If you are up for the challenge of posting your own 5 things, be sure to tag Cyranny’s original link.