The 2020 A To Z Challenge Theme Reveal Was Yesterday!

Theme Reveal #AtoZChallenge 2020 badge

The A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal for 2020 is here!

Like most of you, I’m doing my part by self-quarantining myself and it’s a good thing.

Whenever you think about how bored you may be or how the kids are getting on your last nerve, remind yourself that you are being a good citizen and contributing to flattening the curve.

I was in England for 4 days last week and since I returned home this weekend, I’ve been busy “de-germing” myself and everything I took with me on my trip, as evidenced on my Instagram Stories.

Let’s just say that my Lysol-equivalent sprays and the “sanitize” function on my washing machine have been my best friends!

Being so busy with all of that, this morning, I realized that yesterday was the A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal so here I am, making this post.

With all that is going on, the challenge may feel a bit trivial now but I’m going to do participate anyways. It will be a pleasant distraction, even if it’s to read what others are doing.

Like I said here before all this mess happened, I had already decided to repost an old A to Z Challenge.

So on that note, I’m announcing the theme for my 2020 A to Z Challenge as:


My participation will be in the form of an ongoing little fiction story (I’m currently rewriting it under a different title name on Wattpad) and part of my personal challenge will be to make you forget that it is a fictional story.

This will be my fifth year participating (though last year I vowed my challenge days were over  🙂 ).

If you don’t know what the A to Z Challenge is, you can click here. There is still time for you to sign up and join in on the fun! It’s a great way to meet other writers, bloggers and readers.

Here is a quick teaser.

“Breaking The Mirror” (title subject to change)

Take care and stay safe,

M xoxo

20 thoughts on “The 2020 A To Z Challenge Theme Reveal Was Yesterday!

  1. I’m still at a loss for a theme… and undecided whether or not I should participate. I am so anxious lately. I’m sure most people are, but considering I already had pretty excessive anxiety before all of this, I’m in rough shape…

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    1. Yes, these times are difficult, even more so for those already suffering from anxiety. All we can do is breathe, right? One day at a time and all that corny saying we say in times like these… 😦

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  2. Narayana Rao Kvss

    “Karma” Your past action. Even in earlier births if you believe in them. They have an effect on you today some directly because people still remember them and respond. Some have indirect effect because people behave based on what happened to them over the years. The physical and natural environment depends on what you have done however insignificant your actions are. Good theme. I am writing on an engineering and management topic.
    Industrial Engineering Practice in Top Global Manufacturing Companies – Top 100
    Look forward to more interaction.

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  3. Sooo, that’s been one my thoughts, too. What I would normally post seems insignificant, considering the times; however, I’m forging ahead. We have to remember that life is still continuing, with or w/o corona.

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