My #30DayWritingChallenge starts tomorrow

The results of the poll I posted fell in line with what I wanted, which was basically a combination of personal and writing related questions.

I’ve adapted the #30daywritingchallenge posted by a fellow writer-friend to make up for questions that don’t apply, are a bit too personal or to which I don’t have an answer. I’ve also changed the order of certain questions as they originally appeared.

I’m hoping that this challenge will help me get back into a daily writing habit and help you to know me a little better as a person and as a writer.

All of the posts will likely disappear during my next blog clean-up. 🙂

See you tomorrow!



7 thoughts on “My #30DayWritingChallenge starts tomorrow

    1. Yeah, it’s really to get myself back into a daily writing habit and keep myself accountable at the same time. Then, I’ll likely take them down in the near future. 🙂

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