#30DayWritingChallenge (Day 14): What are your top three pet peeves?

Today’s challenge was very difficult because I have a sh*tload of pet peeves.

But for today, I’ll stick to the ones that have peeved me within the last 24 hours.

1. People get mad for being refused entry in public spaces because they aren’t wearing a (now) mandatory mask

Finally, as of a few weeks ago, we all have to wear masks in public spaces.

You know, everyone is free to make their own choices. But when your choice can lead to potentially making me ill and passing germs along to the most vulnerable people in my immediate family when I’ve been doing all I can to keep them safe, I don’t care about your freedom of choice.

I have family members who have NOT LEFT THE HOUSE SINCE EARLY MARCH…that’s 5 months folks so yeah, I said what I said.

If you don’t wear a seat belt and get a ticket, it’s your fault. If you don’t wear a mask to the store and they refuse your entry, it’s your fault. You bear the consequences.

Don’t get mad…no soup for you like in that Seinfeld episode.

I’ve been faithfully wearing a mask in all public places ever since the pandemic hit and even when it’s been like 40 degrees Celsius and I’m about to pass out.

It’s about respecting others – plain and simple.

I said this to someone a few months ago who disagreed about the whole mask thing and telling me that he couldn’t afford masks. The same guy who had a cigarette dangling from his mouth and goes through at least a pack a day.

You know that I couldn’t help myself but to point that out…

2. Celebrities who are shameless fakers.

I can’t stand it when celebrities pretend that their youthful looks are due to lots of water and strict beauty routines when its VERY obvious that their faces have been injected and gone under the knife on the regular. It’s even worse when they are airbrushed into flawlessness in magazines and everyone wants to pretend like they haven’t.

Who are they trying to fool? And who out there actually believes that they roll out of bed looking that smooth and flawless?

If that’s the case, then I’ll lie too and tell everyone that this is what I look like when I fall out of bed. This photo is compliments of that popular Facebook app that circulated a few years ago and I converted into a cartoon for my profile avatar.

3. How the media continues to depict unambiguously dark-skinned Black women as the face of struggle, pain, masculinity, strong warriors, indestructible, and all things angry and sassy. Over the past few months, I’ve seen a number of magazine covers that have done this and as usual, I am highly unimpressed.

I won’t name them but if you are in the know, you know which ones to which I’m referring.

Until things change more, it will always annoy me that the images of every other non-Black, mixed race or racially ambiguous woman can be promoted as feminine, soft, and delicate but when it comes to darker-hued women, all bets are off.

Don’t get me started…

What are some of the things that peeve you? Share with me in the comment box.

See you tomorrow!


M xoxo

11 thoughts on “#30DayWritingChallenge (Day 14): What are your top three pet peeves?

  1. Yes, I’m STILL heated over Vanity Fair, known for their photo layouts, using such a masculine photo of Olympic gymnast Simone Biles on their cover. She’s 4’8″ and barely a hundred pounds and they made her look like a hulk. History shows us magazine editors in general are stuck on stupid, but what the hell was Annie Leibovitz thinking??? Ugh!
    Trying to keep a lid on my covid19-related peeves – for my blood pressure’s sake – but idiots still calling it a “flu” send my BP skyrocketing. Their comments have nothing to do with science or facts…but simply that the precautions and restrictions needed to keep us all safe are an inconvenience to them.
    But a top pet peeve I’ve had for years is people who drag their feet. OMG! Stop it and stop it now! And I’m not referring to persons with disabilities or senior citizens either. Teenagers, adult women and grown men are all offenders. And they’re not just wearing house slippers, but sneakers, sandals and BOOTS! Just makes me grind my back teeth and do my Marge Simpson growl.

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    1. Oh yeah…Vanity Fair. And 2 dark-skinned Black women as the covers of Rolling Stone and Time for #BLM? No, no, no. I know a woman started BLM but men should be seen as the fighters/warriors. And on top of it all, the two men who created those covers…I’ll stop here for now.

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  3. Exactly! It bugs me when people can spend money on something they don’t really need, but won’t spend it on something important and serious. I told someone if I can some dollars to buy masks that washable, then this woman who bought $50 worth of makeup shouldn’t complain about how much masks cost. And the magazines, don’t get me started, I might drag it out too long. Lol.

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  4. I really can’t comment on any of th ese, as I’m clueless about media presentations of celebs and black people and I am a terrible hypocrite where it comes to masks. That is, I’m all for them but don’t wear them right now as they’re not mandatory here as of yet. I did avoid public placesin the heat of the COVID-19 crisis here though and avoid places where masks are required (eg. public transportation).

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    1. If someone isn’t going in public places or suffers from respiratory issues and a mask would be detrimental to the health, no problem with me – I know a few people in that boat. But I just can’t stand it when I hear “I’m sure I don’t have Covid” or “I can’t afford it” when “fun” items are not an issue. Oh well…🤷🏾‍♀️

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