#30DayWritingChallenge (Day 19) Something that you miss

First off, I will say that I miss reading your blogs and interacting with you.

Doing this daily challenge has reminded me of that and just how much I miss the exchanges with all of you. 😦

What else do I miss?

I’ll go the nostalgic route today.

I miss:

  • looking forward to a handwriting letter or a monthly magazine in the mail (anticipation);
  • quiet Sundays when everything was closed and everyone was going nowhere fast (down-time & relaxation);
  • when “dinner” meant sitting down eating as a family unit (quality-time & bonding);
  • summer cliffhangers of a tv show that kept people talking until the fall tv season (patience);
  • dropping the needle at just the right spot on an album (skill-building);
  • reading novel after novel after novel and basically being a bookworm (escapism);
  • the landline being the only way to be reached or retrieve a message (simplicity)

The older folks out there know what I’m talking about…Things are just so instant now that we don’t even have time to be grateful or appreciate the small things.

It sounds corny but I miss simpler times.

What could you add to this list of sentimental nostalgia? Feel free to add as many as you want in the comments box.



14 thoughts on “#30DayWritingChallenge (Day 19) Something that you miss

  1. I miss
    – Sunday afternoon rides in the country with our parents to buy bushels of corn, peaches, peas, etc., that would always end at Dairy Queen for Chili Cheese Dogs and Dilly Bars
    – The last summer evenings before school started – sad to say goodbye to summer, but excited for the new school year
    – Family Christmas shopping when there was NO mall (or online shopping), only department stores and dime stores (There was also NO Black Friday)
    – Being excited about Christmas as a child
    – Being excited about Christmas when my adult children were small
    – Watching our parents drive away for an evening out, then my sibs and I doing all the things we weren’t supposed to 😀 😀 😀 😀

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    1. I miss those shopping malls too! Granted there are still malls in my area but most have closed down(before Covid) and then of course more addicting online shopping. Even introverted me back then like crowded malls.😊

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  2. Saturday morning cartoons.
    Crunch coat ice cream cones where the crunch coat is actually ON the ice cream, and not served in a little dish on the side.
    Boxes of kittens or puppies. Seriously, it has been SO long since somebody called me just to say the cat had kittens. (But still, spay and neuter.)

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  3. This is a very nice post and I am grateful to you and other bloggers who are passionate about writing.

    I truly miss those Saturdays of watching Power Rangers or Looney Tunes for hours at my grandmother’s house. Or curled up with a VC Andrew’s book. No cell phones to drag my attention away..😊

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