#30DayWritingChallenge (Day 25) Post 9 little known facts about yourself

You know that I’m an introvert, that I’m a beach addict, that I have a thing for New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream…

What haven’t I told you that you don’t already know?

  • I’m semi-superstitious but it’s more about habit than superstition because of my cultural upbringing. In my adulthood and being friendly with people of other cultures, I realize that I’m not alone in some of the odd things I do (or don’t do). My Brazilian acquaintance never pays bills on Sundays, my friend’s East Indian friend never places her purse on the floor…things that I also do without thinking. If you ask in the comment box, I’ll tell you the “why” behind them.
  • I’m not scared to handle tools (get your mind out of the gutter, not that kind of tool). I’ve fixed plenty of things on my own, like change my own entrance locks, put together my treadmill, painting my entire home…lots of trial and error. True story: Once for work when I had to stay at an old dormitory-style compound that was older than dirt, I found myself locked in my room because the lock got stuck. I didn’t have the front desk’s number in my cell, the phone in the room didn’t work but I remembered that I had a set of pliers in my purse (don’t ask) and I macgyvered my way out. Are you old enough to remember the original Macgyver?
  • I hate rap music, especially when the lyrics and music videos disrespect women of my phenotype. Bring back the kind of rap music that tells a positive story like the good old Sugar Hill Gang stuff and then I’ll reconsider my stance.

  • I speak French most of the time though English is my first language. But don’t be impressed – I was raised in a French-speaking milieu. I have always had a love of languages. There was even a time that I spoke German fluently. I understand Spanish well enough unless if someone is speaking really fast but I often keep that little tidbit quiet. When I realize someone is talking about me in my presence in Spanish, I try not to laugh as they say a thing or two to see if I’ll react. And when I don’t react and they think it’s safe to keep going, thinking that I don’t understand, that’s when I usually pick just the right moment to respond, out of the blue, in Spanish…with a straight face.

  • I don’t know what “fun” means.  I’m not even kidding. I’m boring, practical, careful and frugal to a fault (likely NOT a little known fact if you’ve been around my blog for a while). I could be doing errands and STARVING but I’ll refuse to hit the closest fast food place just because I know that I have coupons at home for it (frugal). I shred EVERYTHING before I toss it into the recycling bin, including my prescription labels (careful). I buy based on what I need, not necessarily what I want (practical). And I’m the one who will usually order the same thing at a restaurant because I know exactly what it’s going to taste like (boring).
  • I follow “systems” and am a planner (for certain situations). My “systems” are usually based on previous (negative) experiences. Sometimes I boggle MY own mind with the Sheldon-like things I do. Like on a flight, I plan my bathroom breaks around the beverage service and exactly one hour before landing (because they don’t let you get up within 45 minutes of landing). Or when I go to a hotel, the first two things I do is run the water in the shower to make sure it actually gets hot and then I flush the toilet a few times (don’t ask why, long story). If something is wrong, I can easily take myself back to the front desk and ask for another room. My friends used to think that I was crazy, until they found themselves stuck with a backed up toilet and a shower with luke warm water in a hotel at full capacity, and almost peeing their pants on a flight because of what I already explained to you.
  • When I used to be mistaken for other people, I just played along. I’m not sure why this used to happen to me a lot but it was usually when I traveled. One time, I arrived in Halifax an entire day early to explore since it was my first time there. As I walked around downtown, I kept getting stopped by people asking if I was I-can’t remember-her-name. By the third or fourth time, I was frustrated thinking, “WTF is going on?” and had no choice but to ask who I was being mistaken for. The story was that there had been a Jazz Festival that same weekend and I supposedly looked like the lead singer of one of the bands that had performed all weekend. Then while I was buying some snacks at Pete’s Frootique (because I usually to the economical route), I stumbled across a Jazz Festival poster and guess what? I looked NOTHING like each other and hence, I guess we all do look alike.  🙂 But from that point on, when someone stopped me, I went with the flow and almost took a photo or two before my senses kicked in…no, no photo evidence. 🙂
  • I’m quite skilled at regulating problems in a diplomatic way so people often come to me for help. Okay, that’s no longer true…Now, I only use my skills for family and exceptional situations because of what I said in this past post. Strategizing is kind of my forte. When my expensive brand name washing machine broke 6 months after its extended warranty expired, it took 6 weeks but I got that major company to completely rebuild it free of charge. The technician was baffled at how that was possible. When an old friend’s husband’s insurance company denied him coverage for a medical device due to some stupid technicality, the letter I crafted for them countered their arguments and the company changed their ruling. I can usually get the end result I need with customer service.
  • I’m usually a nice person but I can and will be that b*tch when I need to. I have the patience of a nun but if you come for me or my loved ones, I will fetch my broom and my hat so fast that you’ll ask where Marquessa went. I posted a funnier example here a long while back.

Go ahead, post a few little known facts about yourself in the comment box.

13 thoughts on “#30DayWritingChallenge (Day 25) Post 9 little known facts about yourself

  1. I’ve enjoyed getting to know these facts about you. It would be great to meet you one day. 🙂
    I remembered the original Macgyver. A Richard Dean Anderson, I believe. Love it. Thank you for sharing with us.

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