wtf september

How the hell is it September already?

I still can’t believe that it was 7 months ago that I was terrified of getting my a** stuck in London, England the same weekend that the Orange Man started banning flights from abroad.

Sometimes those 7 months feel like yesterday. And at other times, it feels like I’ve been “cleaning groceries”, grocery shopping at night, ordering necessary and unnecessary sh*t from Amazon and stocking up like I’ve been a professional doomsday prepper all my life.

During those early months, like many of you, I was stressed out and had no energy to do anything. I couldn’t even get through a few pages of a book or much less write.

But when my 9-5 gave the green light to start working again and from home, at least there was something to distract me.

And I was oh-so looking forward to summer – you know, maybe finally building those raised beds or finding where my writing mojo had gone.

But no…none of that happened.

I never talk about work and I won’t start now but I will say this – all of those recent incidents in the USA have had a ripple effect on my professional life. I’ve been working overtime trying to make Herculean requests possible.

So yeah, my summer basically disappeared and now that it’s September, I’m a little p*ssed.

Who do I need to call to about re-starting summer???

How was your summer? Share with me in the comments.

7 thoughts on “wtf september

  1. I live in Tucson – we two seasons – hot as hell and summer. Give me a signal when I should put up Christmas decorations! 😀

    I’m not issuing any challenges to 2021 cuz it might say, “Hold my beer,” but life has got to get better… soon! 😉

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    1. I’m not issuing any challenges either. I’m hoping that 2021 will be better but I have a not-so-nice feeling that this fall will say “hold my beer while I take off my earrings!” 😦

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  2. Let’s see… At the end of spring I was planning to go to Yellowstone to see the baby animals. I wound up taking a step back when we were in “wait and see” mode, so I didn’t give up vacation time just to wind up sitting in my own living room for two weeks. (Yay!) And then stuff started getting closed down, so I haven’t done a vacation yet this year. (Hmmm. Not sure if I have anything in mind (or in reach) right now.) I had my “reality” moment when they closed down the hiking trail I dream about. (gasp!) So, we’ll see if I figure anything out.

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