30 days later

It’s not about you, it’s about me.

I thought that I’d make this a catching up post before I move forward.


Since I completed my #30daywritingchallenge, I accomplished a few things and the ones that I haven’t, well at least I have valid reasons that have nothing to do with lack of time or procrastination. I’ll get to sending out my long overdue newsletter AFTER I’ve finished a “newsletter” course that I bought a while back and didn’t get an opportunity to finish. And that outline I said I would tackle? It’s still marinating.

Second wave

I no longer watch the news but I do know that my city has gone from green to yellow.  Before we slip into orange, I’m hustling to complete my “pre-second wave” shopping. God only knows what the next few months will bring coupled with flu season. Yeah, my pantry chock-a-block full of vitamins, non-perishable items and I even bought a mini-freezer. All that is left to stock up on are flu and cold medications and cleaning supplies.

I’m not being an alarmist but I do prefer to be prepared. This paranoid lady (um…me) is NOT going to be standing 6 feet apart from fellow shoppers outside during winter in -30 Celsius weather in a snowstorm trying to score toilet paper.

Different theme

The other day, I remembered that I have access to Premium themes so I decided to play around and fortunately/unfortunately I hit “Activate” and changed my theme to one I didn’t like. Then, when I tried to get my “Adelle” theme back, lo and behold, I discovered it was discontinued. At first, I was not a happy camper but quickly realized that it was indeed time for a change. Do you like it?

Another blog?

For a really long time, I’ve been toying with the thought of another blog space where I could simply write random posts unrelated to my fiction writing side. I tried once before but found it complicated to marry my main blog with the other creative non-fiction side of myself so I dropped it. I’m thinking about giving it another go but this time, it would be completely separate from my main blog and focus much more on building community and engagement with like-minded folks…And it would be a place to share great posts from others that I have read.

What have you been up to these past weeks? How are coping these days?

M xoxo





12 thoughts on “30 days later

    1. Hey Rebecca! The writing challenge was definitely worthwhile. Not only did it give me something to look forward to each day, it also helped me refocus my thoughts to answer the question. There is nothing like the feeling of writing everyday, even if it’s in an old school notebook. I just order Julia Cameron’s book The Artists’s Way. Have you read it?


      1. Sounds great. Really worthwhile. I feel so good when I write on paper everyday. I believe I have read The Artists Way, but it’s time for a reread. Was the class based on the book, or are you thinking of working from it this fall?


  1. This pandemic has done nothing for my anxiety. I’ve been trying to avoid the doom and gloom news, but then I work in health research publishing…soooo that’s been fun.

    I really like the new theme. Very visual 🙂

    I think you should absolutely start another blog! I liked the one you had before…I think it was lemonade something, lol. I had one briefly, and then for whatever reason, I deleted it. Now I wish I hadn’t, because I can’t get those posts back! Anyway, I’ll probably start up a new one myself, just so I can get back into blogging regularly again.

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