rewind forward

For absolutely no reason, I sometimes just feel like perusing through my blog space and reading old posts and fiction I have written.

Don’t be surprised if you see some old pieces pop up again…

Right now, I’m unpublishing posts that I will likely transfer elsewhere and will be re-publishing posts that still fit this space.

With my writer’s workshop on the table again, my intention is to comb through my old pieces to see if anything speaks to me more than what I already have in mind to work on.

Do you ever just sift through your blog with no real purpose besides looking back at what you’ve written and the exchanges you’ve had?

6 thoughts on “rewind forward

  1. It’s been too long since I looked at anything more than the latest post and that is usually in response to comments. There is one particular post, written years ago, that records stats most days: I really should revisit that one soon.

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      1. It’s a post about my mother but your post prompted me to reread it … and … it needs a rewrite. It was written five years ago and it surprises me it has as many hits as it does; maybe a search engine thingee. Unsure now how to tackle it and how to repost it once it has been reworked. Then it’ll need a second post taking the reader beyond the introduction. So Marquessa, some work ahead of me.

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