just another Black woman

Though I’m truly saddened by the outcome of recent events, I’m not surprised because when it’s just another Black woman…

To be honest, my expectations are always low when it comes to justice for these situations.

If you look like the woman in the image above, you already know what I’m talking about – the way you are usually treated as invisible, expendable, and unworthy of protection. And the darker you are, well…I’ll let you fill in the blanks.

Black women don’t factor into most equations unless they are the strong Black women.

The invincible warrior women, capable of enduring all the crap inflicted on them. The kind of women who can take a hit, suck it up and go about their business like it’s just another Tuesday. Women who put themselves last, save the world first and advocate for those who rarely advocate for them.

They can’t even show their softer side because they are not supposed to have one. And when they do show emotions, it’s like a joke. They are ridiculed for it while women of other cultures are not.

The only emotion they are allowed to have is anger, as in the “angry Black woman” stereotype.

Well, right about now, we have every right to be angry because once again, we’ve been done dirty.

But now more than ever, we need to continue advocating for ourselves even if it feels in vain.

If we keep expecting more and demanding better, one day we may actually be seen as who we really are…human.

8 thoughts on “just another Black woman

  1. Thank you for this post. I am also at the point of not expecting justice for us as black women and black people as a collective –but especially black women and girls. It is sad and angers me because we are still living in a world that focuses on colorism, racism, and sexism before seeing each other as people. This far along in the millennia we should not still be having these ancient conversations and practices going on..but we do. It is because it hurts😔

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