top ten things I learned before i was 10 and then spent years trying to unlearn

This is my list of the top ten things I learned before I was 10 and then spent years trying to unlearn:

1. You can’t be smart and pretty at the same time – make a choice and move on;
2. Only blond-haired blue-eyed girls are pretty;
3. Everyone else’s feelings are more important than yours;
4. When you share your passion for something and you’re laughed at for it, don’t ever “share” again;
5. You’re a geek if you enjoy reading lots of books or prefer books to “hanging out” doing nothing with people;
6. If someone has negative things to say about you, believe them because it must be true;
7. When your instincts tell you that a situation doesn’t feel right, keep it to yourself;
8. Do what is expected and you will eventually learn to live with it;
9. Crying is a sign of total weakness that gets you nowhere – just suck it up; and
10. If you do the same thing over and over again, maybe you’ll get a different result.

What were some of the “truths” you tried to unlearn as an adult?

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77 thoughts on “top ten things I learned before i was 10 and then spent years trying to unlearn

  1. So many items on your list ended up resonating with me. Sometimes you learn these things because someone overtly says then but oftentimes it’s what you see and experience during those early years are subtle, and the subtly enter your mind and become ingrained.

    I didn’t realise that until a few months ago. And it’s genuinely sad. But I’m glad I’m getting the chance -little by little- to unlearn what I regarded as true.

    So I thank you for writing this and for reminding me that we are not alone on this journey of self-love and self-discovery.

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  2. N.A.Martin

    One myth that I have uncovered, but it has literally taken me 35 years to believe it-Your parents are always right, and you will turn out just like them.
    Another one-If you don’t share the same view as your parents it must be wrong…I loved your take on this assignment Marquessa, warmly, Nicole

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  3. Agreed Marquessa. Each one.
    My addition – all people older than you are always right and should be respected, regardless of the fact that you’ve learned more from the sweet-bitter experiences of life in your early years on the earth than the older person would’ve learned in entire life!

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  4. Hola! I liked your post very much! When I was 7-8 yrs old, I used to think that everyone else has got a face which has been developed to some extent whereas I was in the way of it’s development. I used to think that I don’t look so good whereas the others did! But now, people call me cute! So, that’s enough for me to not trust those thoughts. LOL 😀

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  5. I believe I fell for all ten of those before I was ten, too! So sad. I got over it. I read a book every few days and I do not feel like a geek anymore. I’m glad you are moving on. Thanks for liking my post, “No Matter Where You Go, You are Always There.”

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  8. What a thoughtful post. So many I can relate to…with 5 siblings, my parents labeled each of us early. We could be smart, pretty, sociable, athletic, funny, loving, but were not supposed to cross those lines. We all fought to acquire the traits of each other, just to prove them wrong. So interesting, thanks. 💕

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