now you see me, now you…don’t?

Like Chris Rock said during his monologue on Saturday Night Live the other night, 2020 is the year where many of us are rethinking our lives, relationships, futures, stuff…everything.

That’s what you get living the “lock down life”. We’ve got lots of time to think, think and think.

I’m thinking about streamlining my online presence, limiting the social media platforms I am on and reflecting on if I really even need all of them.

I mean, I really don’t use my FB Page (my WP posts auto-post there), Twitter drama is so tempting that I often avoid that platform and as of a little time ago, I put my Instagram temporarily on Private just because my spirit told me to.

It got me thinking about how being online distracts me way too much but at the same time, if it wasn’t for social media and WP, I wouldn’t have met such a wonderful tribe of fellow creatives.

Besides you, all I really need is my blog, my IG, a newsletter and that other blog project I have in mind…

What have you loved the most about being online? What have you disliked the most?

17 thoughts on “now you see me, now you…don’t?

  1. I love being able to find people with similar interests and uhm… motivation levels… to talk to online. I wouldn’t be able to sit and chat with other novelists in my rural town, without it. I wouldn’t have the support structure that I do. On the other hand, I don’t really need the continuous push-pull that the general purpose social media can devolve to.

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  2. I’ve met some pretty awesome folks online – some I’ve had the pleasure of meeting offline…and some I still have to meet. *Hint, hint!* 😀 😀

    My biggest pet peeve about social media is the disrespect. It seems to be acceptable to name-call, swear, shame, and flame folks simply because you don’t like their post or disagree with their opinion, and because you know… “I have the right to say, blah, blah, blah.”

    We never know what others are dealing with or going through, and sometimes it’s just easier to scroll on by… at least in my mind. 😀

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  3. lifeaftersuicideblogs

    I have wanted to take a social media break for so long or just completely disappear but i realized that it is part of the world now and i can’t get business done offline

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