It’s not about politics, it’s about you…

There was a time when I would have wasted my breath on people who were ignorant.

But that was a long, long time ago.

These days, I’ve got no time for fools and foolishness and almost zero tolerance for the willfully ignorant. To make matters worse, my “filters” left me somewhere in my 40s so I find myself saying whatever I need to say in a diplomatic way…which is what happened during a group call the other day.

With the election results were fresh out of the oven, naturally the topic came up. Somewhere somehow someone point-blank asked me, “Would you stop being friends with someone if they supported you-know-who?”

They all seemed totally surprised by my quick and easy “Absolutely”.

Of course, the question was followed up with, “Wow! Really? You would dump a friend over politics?”

And that is when I chose to share my thoughts and explain…

I would never take issue with someone’s politics. Everyone has a right to their point of view.

But for me, it’s more than politics – it’s about you as a person and the values we don’t have in common.

If you are supposedly a “friend” of mine and are capable of overlooking years worth of lies, the consistent devaluing of certain marginalized groups to maintain their privilege and the intentional stirring of the pot to make racists even more emboldened than they already are…well…

So no, I wouldn’t bat an eye at exiting stage left and distancing myself from someone who supports that kind of behavior and mindset.

What are your thoughts?


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