Is this the end of my blog?

So is this really the end of my blog?

Yes and no.

All of the stressful happenings of 2020 have helped me realize that it’s time to step back from this blog in the new year.

Like I said in a previous post, for the past few months, I could slowly feel my fiction writing mojo returning and dare I say that I’m FINALLY in the mood to pick up my pen again.

So why would I plan on stepping back from my blog?

Because I can’t blog AND write fiction at the same time.

Well, technically I could do both but there are a number of reasons why I plan not to:

Reason #1:

For someone like me who eventually wants to publish, this blog space (under my name) should speak to my “brand” (whatever that is/will be) and I, of all people, know that the stuff I post here are quite “varied”.

On the other hand, someone pointed out to me that my brand” is “me”, that “I” am “my brand” and that whatever I write is automatically “on brand”. I’ll have to chew on that for a while but regardless of it all, I will be posting less here.

Reason #2:

It takes a lot of time and energy (as my fellow bloggers know) to choose a topic, draft, edit and then post – time I could spend resurrecting my abandoned newsletter and building a community of interested readers who would like to discuss topics in which we share an interest.

Another reason to blog less.

Reason #3:

I would love a different medium where I could simply exchange with others about stepping into a “new season” of “older and bolder”, basically living the best life possible and sharing great books, blogs and podcasts we’ve read or listened to.

So what’s my plan?

I think that once I’m done sorting out a few things, I may test out creating a group chat on Discord for this purpose.

Stay tuned on that. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Is this the end of my blog?

  1. No. I’m sorry. Your resignation is not accepted. You were one of the first people I followed here, and it would change the landscape considerably (not just for me, I am sure) not to see you popping up now and again. Could you hang about until I drop dead, or at least until I lose whatever remains of my day to day sanity? That shouldn’t be too long.
    I think it might be a bit late for my own tilt at the Nobel Prize for Literature, but you’ve got loads of time.

    You say that you can’t write and blog at the same time – I can’t do either one. I haven’t really figured out what blogging is, to be honest, and my ideas on writing rarely match those of my more qualified critics.

    But … if you must go, so be it. You go with my thanks and with my very best wishes for the future.

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  2. I understand your reasons for leaving, but I say post what you want and determine your own brand! I’d rather click onto an author’s blog and see that they’re human like moi than stumble onto a generic author site that’s devoid of personality! Although, I want to be a published author too, but I’m not willing to put my real identity with any of my writing just yet, lol, so I kind of get it. Looking forward to seeing how you’re going to change things up! ❤

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    1. I scrapped the other one a while ago. I’m looking into a platform that will complement this space that leans more to discussions/exchanges. This blog will stay – just minimal posting. 🙂

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