I always love reading everyone’s “end of year” blog posts.

You know, like what they learned during the year, what they are looking forward to and how they will do things differently after the clock strikes midnight.

It’s obvious that we are all HAPPY to put 2020 behind us and though it was (and still is) a bitter pill to swallow, even I (a realist) am finding myself oddly optimistic in these last days of 2020.

We’ve had a universal experience.

We’ve all been touched by some level of division, stress, heartbreak, loneliness and loss.

We learned new things about ourselves, those in our inner circles and outer circles and about other citizens in the world – things we may never have noticed or acknowledged if we hadn’t been forced to slow down during this sh*t show of a year.

Some of us discarded what was no longer useful or important in our lives. Whether it be physical crap in our living spaces or people who revealed their true selves, we’ve trimmed some of the fat from our lives.

Some of us are simply happy that words like “marginalized”, “privileged” and “systemic racism” are finally in day-to-day vocabulary and that those who want to retain their privilege are clearly revealing themselves through their own words and actions.

So yeah, 2020 was a b*tch all around but it did serve a few helpings of knowledge and a bunch of piping hot lessons.

We got through 2020 so whatever awaits us in 2021, we’ll get through it too.

Stay safe, stay well and happy new year!

10 thoughts on “2020

  1. OMG, how much do I hate the last nineteen months? I didn’t start this year on anti-depressants or pain meds, but here we are. I haven’t written 500 good words, and sleep and I are merely passing acquaintances. Despite all the negative, I still end the year with hope and a smile, thanks to those three nutty, crazy kids of mine.

    Parents believe we’re always the anchors in safe harbors for our children, but the roles reverse without us ever realizing it.

    I’m looking forward to 2021 and the family challenges we’ve set for each other, and of course, more smiles and laughter.

    Happy New year, my friend!

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