Do you have any irrational fears? Day 2


No matter how small.

On my bedroom ceiling.

Especially if I notice one before going to bed.

There is no way that I will ever fall asleep with a spider in my bedroom.

This fear is totally irrational because I’m not a squeamish person.

I have no problem handling a dead mouse in a trap or scooping out the occasional unfortunate animal that falls into the pool.

But if I really think about it, this gif below is what I am REALLY afraid of whenever I’m trying to kill a spider that is on a ceiling…

Don’t laugh – this is scary as hell.

What is your most irrational fear?

Join in on this March challenge.

22 thoughts on “Do you have any irrational fears? Day 2

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    1. Oh my! I love horror movies. I find them so funny. It’s more of the psychological thrillers where you actually don’t see any gore that are scary to me.


  3. lol, not laughing, but definitely smiling. I have a love hate relationship with them. I feel like when they enter my home it’s disrespectful especially they cast web. lol, then I get to having an argument with them.

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    1. So true. And the web thing? I always wondered how they would do that every time I’m on vacation – it’s as though they broke in and took up residence whenever I was away!

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  5. My daughter is crazy afraid of spiders. Even a tiny one… she freaks out and waits for someone else to get rid of it. I am not okay with any bugs of any kind, but I suck it up if I have to. My skin just crawls for, like, an hour afterward.

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