Do you believe in magic? When have you felt it? Day 3

I believe in different types of “magic” unrelated to witchcraft and abracadabras.

I believe that the “power of words” and the “power of thoughts” (like affirmations) can make things happen in your life that can feel “like magic”.

Like the times I’ve dreamed of someone I haven’t thought about in a very long time and suddenly they called me out of the blue…

Or the time I wanted a sun shelter for my deck, no store had my size and I wasn’t about to order one for $120 that late in the season. Weeks later, while doing an errand at a store I rarely go, there laying near the entrance was a “returned” sun shelter in my size and on liquidation for $20…

For me, those incidents were like “magic”.

Or the rare occasions that I’ve met someone with whom I’ve had a total authentic “vibe” and felt comfortable around almost right away.

Or the time I wrote about here when there was a surreal connection between me and a stranger.

Those are kind of “magic” too.

And for me, “magic” can be as simple as sipping on a hot cup of coffee, watching the waves roll onto the beach and feeling at peace sitting in my favorite spot in my favorite place…

Do you believe in magic?

Join in on this March challenge.

31 thoughts on “Do you believe in magic? When have you felt it? Day 3

  1. I am a pragmatist in many ways. I think that everything has an explanation even if I am not yet aware of that explanation. On the other hand I think that absolutely everything is magical. I know how birds fly, for example – I understand the physics, but every time I see a bird in flight, soaring effortlessly above me, I am overcome with a sense of the magical. To not believe in magic is to not believe in life. The very fact of our being is a magic trick so bewildering that one must observe even the very mundane as an exciting illusion.

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  4. I also believe in the power of words and thoughts. The subconscious can be powerful, and if our brains and minds had totally been figured out, why would there still be a need continued study? Perhaps there’s a bit of magic in the unexplained. 😉

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  5. You are so much more optimistic than I am. I wish I could believe affirmations would make a difference in my life. It seems like such a simple thing, but no matter how many times I tell myself positive things, I just don’t believe them and nothing positive comes from them. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong… how to truly believe. I think I’m a faithless person.

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      1. That last therapist I saw… he had me go through the motions — taking my negative thoughts and turning them around in my head and on paper. But I just couldn’t buy into the ‘corrected’ thoughts. After several months of trying, I told him it wasn’t working… nothing was changing… and he told me I had to take a leap of faith. I never went back. After all, my inability to take that leap of faith was what brought me to him. So I guess therapy with him boiled down to him telling me to believe and me not being about to figure out how and him not helping me get there. When I look back, all I see is the wasted money.

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