PSA about the 31 day March challenge…


To be honest, I expected a few of you to join the 31 day March challenge but I didn’t expect so many either.

I’m doing my best to respond to the comments, reading the posts on your own blogs and keeping up with those who are not pinging back for me to find them (I know they may not know how).

All that to say…

I’m trying to keep up y’all!

To keep up, I’m going to “like” and “approve” pingbacks so that your responses/links appear in my comments and when I have time, I will respond.

And to those who are not pinging back to my blog so that I am notified that they have a post of their own, don’t be upset if I don’t comment.

I can’t comment on your post if I don’t know that you posted something, right?

8 thoughts on “PSA about the 31 day March challenge…

  1. I only saw your challenge posts yesterday and haven’t partiCipated yet, but I want to. Don’t worry though, I’m sure most people will understand you cannot comment on everyone’s post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are not a terrible friend. This blogging thing is not tit for tat remember? I’m responding and reading backwards after days. No big deal. No worries 🙂


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