Has a teacher ever changed your life? How so? Day 9

“Our fingerprints don’t fade from the lives we touch” – Judy Blume

I was in French immersion so I had Mrs. T as an English teacher for one hour a day from Grade 2 through Grade 6.

She was friendly woman who could only have been in her late twenties at the time and she truly seemed to enjoy working with her students.

Mrs. T loved my passion for reading and often made book suggestions to me. She somehow knew that books were my escape from the real world.

When it came to my fiction writing, Mrs. T read every single story that I wrote. On a few occasions, she even asked permission to share them with the Principal, Vice-Principal and some other teachers.

But Mrs. T wouldn’t read my stories to simply “humor” me. She was genuinely interested enough to give me feedback and ask questions about my characters and story lines. She made me feel special and talented. I never felt silly or thought twice about letting her read anything I wrote.

She was one of the few to tell me that I was a talented writer and that I should never stop. Having an adult say things like that was a huge deal for me.

At the end of sixth grade, she gave me a lovely collection of decorative sea shells that still sits on my coffee table.

I lost touch with Mrs. T when I started university but I still think of her often. If it hadn’t been for Mrs. T, I likely would have stopped writing way back then.

Has a teacher ever changed your life? How so?

17 thoughts on “Has a teacher ever changed your life? How so? Day 9

  1. We had a history teacher, Frankie, who brought the subject to life for us, and an English teacher, Chalky White, who could often be diverted into telling us a story. Sometimes they had an ending and sometimes we were challenged to write an ending for them ourselves, a kind of homework. that stimulated our imaginations. This was the greatest fodder for a lonely, isolated child to create whole stories often based on the history I loved. Fifty-eight years have passed and I still count myself lucky to have had two of the greatest natural teachers ever,

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    1. It is a skill for someone to bring things to life and make us interested in a subject. Some teachers have a knack for it don’t they? Lovely!


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  3. It was a guidance counselor actually and my professor. In high school, I worked in the career guidance office with a kind older woman( We’ll call her Ms. M). I saw her compassion for student’s futures and surprisingly when she would tell me about a fiction contest, I’ll write and she’ll read it and offer genuine feedback. She would bake delicious bean pies that me and other students were addicted to. I need to learn to bake those.

    In college, Ms. E was my advanced algebra instructor. She came from a background of teaching elementary school students, so she was able to break down hard concepts naturally. She told me one day, “Erica you will be teaching math someday. I see you doing that.” Love her for that.
    *Sorry this was longwinded 😅

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  5. Yes. Two teachers, my 9th grade soical studies teacher Ms. Hamleton. She turned each lesson into real life lesson instead of boring talking. And my 9 the grade science teacher Me. Nelson. He too time after school to help me to understand the lesson he was very kind and patient. Today, I am an English adjunct.❤️

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