A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal…still a maybe


I’m still on the fence about participating in the A to Z Challenge next month but since their theme reveal post came out on March 8, I’m posting about it today so that I can link back to their website.

I had every intention of participating IF I could prepare in advance (instead of writing daily in April) and I did start but I got distracted by the interview Oprah did with this couple…

I’m not a follower of the couple or the Royal family (not since I was 10) but I did watch the M & H wedding because of what it represented to many melanated women like me.

All that to say…

I’ve been distracted by all the discussions I’ve been having in private group chats with those I am close to. Thoughtful, meaningful, ongoing, late into the night across timezone and on fire conversations about what M said and our own shared experiences related to anti-Black racism, colorism, misogynoir, and the effects of privilege.

Yeah, right now these conversations are much more enticing than prepping for A to Z. 🙂

But if I do participate in the A to Z Challenge, my theme will be a series of fictional letters of ADVICE written from a mother to daughter, tentatively called me, as a someone who has learned a few life lessons to other women, especially younger ones, that may be interested in hearing them:

“Letters of from me to you Sis The Mother You Never Knew.”

21 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal…still a maybe

  1. I’m not even going to attempt the A to Z this year eventhough I always give it a go each year despite being prepared or not. However, I’m tired of starting and quitting in the first week, so I’m just going to be kind to myself and read everyone else’s posts 🙂

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