Have you ever stolen anything? (money, candy, hearts, time?) Day 11

I have never stolen anything from anybody, anywhere or any place.

I believe that bad karma would eventually boomerang back on me.

And being raised in a household where “The Talk” was given on a regular basis, never would I ever have dared contemplate stealing or being around anyone who would.

No, I would never put an additional target on my back.

The closest thing to “stealing” I do on a regular basis is above board, legal and with companies, like when they raise their prices and I’m able to squeeze every last rebate out of them whenever they try to increase rates.

The last time I called my cable company, the representative actually asked, “Madame, I have never seen a client with so many promotions on your account. How did you do this?”

I had no choice but to laugh, because I’m that good. 🙂

Have you ever stolen anything?

17 thoughts on “Have you ever stolen anything? (money, candy, hearts, time?) Day 11

  1. Mo

    I am ridiculously honest and I love how you included time in the question because stealing time from people is as bad as money. But what struck me the most was mentioning The Talk, something I never experienced personally and never really knew about until the last few years. Thank you for making it a part of the conversation.

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  2. Stolen love
    A love enticing
    Eat the cake
    Then lick the icing
    Selfish love
    No sacrificing
    Ignore the cost
    Ignore the pricing

    I’ve taken things
    Sometimes for granted
    Tasted fruit
    I haven’t planted
    Promised things
    And then recanted
    Forgive me
    For I was enchanted

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