Saturday slumber

It’s going to be a beautiful sunny Saturday folks. Get out there and take advantage of it...”

I stretch out and turn over in bed, listening to the early Saturday morning news highlights on the radio. It’s part of my weekend routine to hit the snooze button multiple times just so that I can enjoy the feeling of drifting in and out of sweet slumber.

A young woman is in critical condition after apparent domestic assault, boyfriend arrested…

I quickly hit the snooze button, not wanting to start the day with negative news. I drift back to sleep until the radio alarm wakes me again.

“Stay tuned for the home improvement show starting in an hour…”

That’s my cue to get up and start my Saturday. I brush my teeth, take a shower and head to the kitchen. I turn on the kitchen radio, put the Keurig on and wash the dishes I’ve piled up over the past few days. The sun warms my skin through the kitchen window and I can almost taste spring in the air.

“Last night’s murder-suicide in a cab was an act of domestic violence…..and yet another apparent victim of domestic assault of a young woman across town. The boyfriend has been arrested and the victim is in critical condition …”

I turn the radio down until it’s time to listen to the weekly home improvement show. Too lazy to read through the newspaper, I check all of the family group chats and notice that in one, all hell is suddenly breaking lose after a decade’s worth of bottled up tensions, pandemic-related arguments and last week’s funeral. I turn off all chat notifications, put my cell away and decide that I will eventually remove myself from that space.

Life is short and I don’t need the negativity on a bright and sunny Saturday.

I settle in at the kitchen table with my coffee, call my folks to say good morning and start plowing through paperwork and online bills as I listen to the show. At the half way news break, I hear again, “Domestic violence is on the rise, especially with the pandemic…Yet another young woman is in critical condition after an apparent domestic assault…

I squash my curiosity and decide not to google the incident that I’ve heard at least a handful of times since I jumped out of bed.

By the end of the show, I’ve paid all my bills and another hour later, I’m halfway through my paperwork. To reward myself, I finish off my coffee and head back to bed with the intention of reading a book but instead, I decide to take a nap for a while.

I’ve drifted off for all but 20 minutes when the phone rings. In my sleepiness, I’m confused as I try to string the words on the other end of the line together…

Boyfriend beat her like a dog…”

“Massive trauma…”

“Heart attack…”


It’s been in the news all morning…”

And just as I drop the phone, I hear it again…

A young woman is in critical condition after apparent domestic assault, boyfriend arrested…

At 29, she will never again enjoy sleeping in on a sunny Saturday morning.

And at 29, she will never again feel the warmth of the sun through her own kitchen window.

Instead of discovering the promises that this spring could have held for her, she will forever slumber on in a way no one expected when later today, her family takes her off of life support.

[And if you were wondering, no, this is not fiction. Sadly, this was my Saturday. I needed to get this off my chest and so I may end up taking this post down.]

12 thoughts on “Saturday slumber

  1. OMG, Marquessa…. I am so sorry to read this. My blood ran cold as I got to the end of your post. Of course, I’ve heard about this horror on the news, and I thought about it all weekend long. I’m sending you and her family the warmest thoughts…. I wish I could think of something comforting to say, but there are just no words… *Big hugs*

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