What’s your recipe for recuperating from extreme heartbreak? Day 23

It hasn’t happened in a long time but I would recommend the following for a quicker cure:

First, wallow in your sadness and cry until you have no tears left.

Then, when you are sick of crying, get mad and do what Bernadette did in “Waiting To Exhale” (giphy above).


Don’t that!

What I mean is just fantasize about burning all their stuff.

Instead, donate everything they ever gave you to charity or sell it.

Toss all pictures of them into the garbage (in these modern times, I guess you would delete them from your social media and phone).

Lastly, write a laundry list of every annoying thing you ever disliked about them so that when your mind wanders to supposedly better times, you can refresh your memory about why you are better off without them.

What’s your recipe for recuperating from extreme heartbreak?

9 thoughts on “What’s your recipe for recuperating from extreme heartbreak? Day 23

  1. Dew

    I love this post. Wise decision to not burn everything and just give everything away or sell it. And as you have correctly stated its good to have a hand written note to remind yourself that you are better off with them, when your heart starts missing them and lets you feel all looney.
    One other last advise is to make time for self love and not jump straight into another relationship, as you may attract a similar person and have to deal with the whole drama all over again.

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  2. My traditional technique is to commence drinking heavily immediately. I find it therapeutically beneficial to mix the alcohol with prescription pain killers before commencing the customary ritual of bashing my head against a brick wall. What ever time remains is spent howling pathetically at the moon until the ambulance arrives.

    Hang on. I misread your post. I thought you said ‘extreme toothache’.

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  5. Happened to me two years ago. Broken engagement. I moved to a new area, I took the time to reflect on the entire relationship and what my true intentions for being with him. I fasted, prayer and journaled for 90 days. In the end it was good the marriage didn’t happen. This year the 90 day journal during my time if healing will be released as a book.

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