Do you have a morning ritual? Day 28

Unfortunately the only morning ritual I have right now is to wake up about 1 hour before work, handle the morning necessities, make a coffee and open my laptop to start responding to emails before my start time, knowing that urgent items would likely roll in and distract me.

Kind of sad, no?

But my goal is to become one of those Mircle Morning people because, to be honest, I am slightly obsessed with the MM method.

I know that it works because I committed to doing it for 6 weeks and it was AMAZING. The only issue was that by 9:00PM, I would have no choice but to go to bed because this is how I would feel…

I got soooo much done towards my personal goals that it was almost magical. It was going to be a part of my 2020 plan but I just don’t have the mental energy right now for it. I’ll blame the stress of the pandemic for my lack of action.

I would love to find others who want to do the same and have some sort of accountability group but that’s not for right now.

Do you have a morning ritual?

6 thoughts on “Do you have a morning ritual? Day 28

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