A change of plans for my April A to Z Challenge…

With the recent tragedy that I posted about here, I fell into a haze. It is all still so surreal and unimaginable.

I’ve gone from being sad to getting angry and then simply furious at how a monster could brutally beat to death a beautiful young woman, a mother of a bright and sweet little boy, so severely that she was placed on life support long enough for her family and hundreds of friends the chance to say their goodbyes.

She was the 7th victim of domestic violence over a period of 7 weeks. And in the past few days, there has been an 8th femicide.

My peer-cousins and friends have always had deep and meaningful discussions about the life lessons we have learned and that have been true for us.

But because of what happened, these conversations had gotten even deeper and we have promised to share with each other even more lessons so that we can learn from each other.

My modified plan for the A to Z Challenge is to simply wake every morning and post a daily thought mainly for the women who will be reading my posts according to the alphabet.

Let me be crystal clear: My April posts will be personal thoughts that have everything to do with me, what I believe to be true and unrelated to the recent situation above since I can’t speak to anyone else’s possible experiences to which I am not privy.

Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments all month long.

Stay well, stay safe.

M xoxo

7 thoughts on “A change of plans for my April A to Z Challenge…

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