B is for Boundaries #AtoZChallenge @AtoZChallenge

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If you don’t set BOUNDARIES, he will take advantage and will walk all over you.


Set your BOUNDARIES early and don’t budge on them.

Believe me, there is a reason why someone wrote a book called, “Why Men Love Bitches – A Guide For Women Who Are Too Nice”.

Are your boundaries firm?

Bonus: I love the Therapy For Black Girls podcast. You may want to take a listen to these episodes called “What Are Boundaries and Why Do I Need Them” and “The Gift of Boundaries“. These are not an affiliate links, I’m simply sharing.

9 thoughts on “B is for Boundaries #AtoZChallenge @AtoZChallenge

  1. This was something I had to learn early and quick. It was a steep learning curve, but once I had set my emotional boundaries I could have healthy relationships with other people. Not just romantic, either. Boundaries are important in families, friendships, and other social situations.

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    1. Yes, Boundaries are important in all aspects of our relationships. However, for this month’s A to Z Challenge, I’m focusing on the romantic love situation specifically with men due to the recent tragedy that happened with a family member.


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