C is for Compassion #AtoZChallenge @AtoZChallenge

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You can’t blame yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know about him.

The important thing is that you know NOW so give yourself some grace.

Show yourself some COMPASSION.

Learn the lesson from your experience with him and don’t repeat it.

How compassionate are you with yourself?

Bonus: I love the Therapy For Black Girls podcast. You may want to take a listen to this episode called “The Importance of Self Compassion“. This is not an affiliate link, I’m simply sharing.

8 thoughts on “C is for Compassion #AtoZChallenge @AtoZChallenge

      1. I also tend to avoid them because anything remotely resembling a ‘self-help’ book always turns me off. They seem to promise some magical solution, but they don’t deliver. And most of them give the same advice, just under different packaging. And it’s always advice I’ve heard before and haven’t been able to make use of…

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