A to Z Challenge Sunday Update #1/4

Happy Sunday!

So far so good with my daily A to Z Challenge posts since I haven’t fallen behind.

But I just want to point out a few things about my A to Z Challenge posts:

  • I am a women who is Black so my posts are flavored with that perspective;
  • they focus on the relationships between men and women because those are the experiences my friends and I often discuss. Of course, the posts can apply to all types of love;
  • due to the recent tragic events of which some of you are aware, sharing some tidbits to other women is important to me right now.
  • they are “food for thought” and are in no way professional advice of any sort. Take what you need as food for thought and spit out the rest; and
  • I may be doubling back to update certain posts by adding links to certain podcasts loosely related to the day’s topic.

Ok, now that I’ve clarified that, time to relax!

M xoxo

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