D is for Dealbreakers #AtoZChallenge @AtoZChallenge

DEALBREAKERS are things you will not stand for.

Decide what they are and make a written list long before you need to. Promise yourself that you will stick to them because they are DEALBREAKERS.

Your list should not include superficial things like not being with a man who is not 6″4, that doesn’t have green eyes and who drives a vehicle less expensive than a Porsche.

Think about the DEALBREAKERS that are actually important.

Maybe it’s a man who:

  • smokes any kind of substance;
  • has children by multiple women and/or never sees them and/or does not financially support them;
  • is often rude to waitstaff when you go out; or
  • compares you to other women every time he opens his mouth…

It’s YOUR list, your business and no one needs to know what’s on it.

10 thoughts on “D is for Dealbreakers #AtoZChallenge @AtoZChallenge

  1. A formal dinner invitation ….

    Darling, hear my last appeal
    Is that how you really feel?
    I’ll quit the dope. To ease your fears
    I’ll kiss your lips. I’ll dry your tears
    Don’t put me yet upon the skids
    I’ll hide my past. I’ll hide my kids
    I’ll tell you that you are the best
    (though, the last girl – she had bigger breasts)
    At least may yet we share a meal
    Before you (wisely) break the deal?

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  2. Straight up lying
    I won’t date and have not dated any one with children or who isn’t legal divorced
    No he can’t sleep over
    Me having to pay for the date or slitting the bill or asking to borrow money.

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