I for Invest #AtoZChallenge @AtoZChallenge

INVEST in yourself, your needs and your future, not his. Because if he walks away, guess what? You would have wasted your valuable resources on someone who didn’t deserve it.

Do not be quick to “build with him”. Ignore the fools that encourage you to “Give him a break.”

You are not Bob the Builder and you shouldn’t be building on his (or your) “broken”.

Many other women who don’t look like you were raised to have requirements and to not settle. But somehow when we seek the same, we are called “gold diggers”. Ignore that ish too.

INVEST your time, energy and money in you. If he wants to be with you, he should already be “built” and fully equipped.

12 thoughts on “I for Invest #AtoZChallenge @AtoZChallenge

  1. I agree with investing in ourselves and keeping the bar high. I’m a little worried about the expectation of “he should already be “built” and fully equipped” because if men want the same, and look at me, I don’t think I fulfill that criteria. I’m still building and equipping myself 🙂
    PS: your Sunday post has disappeared but if it’s still open, I’d like to say yes!

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    1. I used to think like you years ago and it took me a long time to change my thinking as I connected the dots to expectations in other cultures… I won’t get into my full thinking here but I will say this: Yes of course you should fulfill the criteria for YOURSELF but in my opinion, I have seen too many examples where men who expect you to build with them take advantage and then move on to a women with a more feminine vibe who bring almost nothing to the table. Tons of examples out there. Women (in my culture) have been fooled into thinking otherwise and I’m glad to see that we are realizing this.

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