S is for Safety #AtoZChallenge @AtoZChallenge

SAFETY in all ways is of the utmost importance so here are a few random tidbits to keep in mind:

  • Don’t let him isolate you. Keep in touch with your friends/family on a regular basis so that if they don’t hear from you, they will know that something may be wrong;
  • GPS is your friend. Think about sharing your cell location (like Google maps location sharing) with a few close friends/family s they know where you are at all times;
  • Learn about the domestic violence hand signals that exist like this one here. Teach your friends and all the women in your life so that you can recognize someone’s cry for help;
  • Create a “personalized” code question or statement that will immediately let others know that you are in trouble. The code question/statement does not need to be fancy, just something simple that you normally might not say but that will fly right over an abusive man’s head if he is monitoring your texts, phone calls and everyday conversations, for example: asking your friend for her coconut bread recipe when she hates baking and has no such recipe, telling your best friend that you are thinking about buying the latest shade of MAC lipstick when she knows that you are not into make-up or asking if you can borrow the best-seller she just bought when she never reads. The important thing is that you discuss these statements prior so that she realizes that you need help.

There are plenty of other tips but those are just a few food for thought.

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