W is for Womb #AtoZChallenge @AtoZChallenge

Protect your WOMB.

Having a baby with the wrong man can lead to a lifetime of struggle and stress.

I’ve seen one too many friends deal with co-parenting nightmares with men they should have never looked twice at.

Guard your WOMB by increasing the protection that YOU have control over, for example, a female condom, bc pills and/or other forms your physician can talk to you about. If he tries to pressure to NOT using condoms, dump him quick.

If you don’t know what “stealthing” is, read up on it. Just because the term is not trending anymore doesn’t mean that it is happening less.

Some men will purposely try to get you pregnant because you are doing too well and they want to ruin your life plans or they want to keep you chained to them forever and be a thorn in your side for all your future relationships.

8 thoughts on “W is for Womb #AtoZChallenge @AtoZChallenge

  1. Girl! I’ve known men like this since high school and wonder why they STILL exist. Women are more intelligent and empowered, but will still give their power away. This isn’t a case of “Let me make my own mistakes,” but open your eyes and pay attention.

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    1. It boggles my mind too. And there are a few situations just like this I am witnessing TODAY, no matter how much they were warned… I just shake my head…🤷🏾‍♂️

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