Time for a hiatus…

For now, there is no trip to take, there are no shoes to buy since I don’t go anywhere and I am not a big cake eater.

But…life is indeed short and like I mentioned before, I will be taking a hiatus.

What am I going to do while I take a break?

Maybe I’ll start twisting my own hair again while I decide if I am brave enough to visit the salon before vaccine part 2…

Maybe I’ll take the time to find more ways to build my savings for a rainy day…

Or maybe I’ll find creative ways to “rest in my femininity” as I love to hear the younger generation of melanated ladies say…

Whatever I do decide to do, fiction writing will be involved and that is for sure.

So in the meantime, if you are new and stumble across my blog, feel free to peruse my fiction and other posts.

See you soon!

M xoxo

5 thoughts on “Time for a hiatus…

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