burning it all down

You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. Burn it.


I feel like burning it all down and starting anew.

Or maybe not starting at all.

These days, I often find myself questioning the worthiness of things…

“Does this mean much to me?”

“Do I need this in my life?”

“Is this situation benefiting me?”

Before, if the answer revolved around a “no”, I would still hang in with excuses of “uh, no but [*insert stupid justification here*].

Now, I find myself simply eliminating whatever it is from my life without hesitation, whether it be small like deleting a bunch of contacts from my cell that no longer need to be there or the 20+ year old car that served me well but now needs to be donated to charity.

Even this blog space may need a partial “burning down” of sorts…

Do you ever feel like you could discard everything you own and simply start over?

15 thoughts on “burning it all down

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