Analysis Paralysis

I should have had something published by now but I don’t.

At one point, I was on the right track and had overcome the insecurity I had had about my writing abilities but somewhere along the way, I did a stupid, stupid, stupid thing…

I had the *wonderful* idea of immersing myself in how-to outline articles, writing software and self-publishing which slowly led into a state of analysis paralysis when it came to actually writing.

Coupled with a 9-5, day to day responsibilities and our mutual enemy called Covid, well all of that led to less writing and then no writing at all.

Forcing myself to write was a lost cause and though a few writing challenges got the juices flowing, I’m still not where I would like to be with my “fiction”.

Like I said in my last post, burning a few things down will help me overcome writing analysis paralysis and create room for some newness.

I’ve slowly been taking this approach in my personal life – it’s been slow progress but at least there has been progress.

I’m no longer sure if self-publishing is one of my first goals. I’ve been seeing alternatives to self-publishing whereby I could still share my writing and have others enjoy it but more to come on that at another time.

On that note, have yourself an awesome week!


M xoxo

12 thoughts on “Analysis Paralysis

  1. I enjoyed your writing and your stories are captivating and beautifully written. Whatever and wherever you decide to take your writing, we are here and there. You are talented at what you do, and you have our support.

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