good writers re-read good books

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I was chatting the other day with a cousin, telling her about the storyline for “Like Water For Chocolate”, a book she had never read.

Having read the book soooo long ago, I was surprised at how much I remembered its’ themes and post-chat, I found myself perusing one of my bookcases.

Many moons ago, I gave away most of my books so now, I only have two bookcases but some shelves with double and even triple rows. One bookcase holds all the second hand books bought from library sales that I have yet to read and another bookcase contains all of my African American, Black, Caribbean and Latin American authors, many of which I had to special order from my local bookstore back in the day when “ethnic” books were few and far in bookstores.

Somewhere in my late twenties/early thirties, I promised myself to one day reread them all one day.

Right now, I’m thinking that my “one day” has come.

Due to the unpredictability of my current situation, I felt it best to drop out of my library’s monthly book club and let someone on the waiting list have my spot (truth be told, I haven’t been keen on the book selections) so this may be a good time to start my own me-myself-and-I book club.

They say that “good writers read good books” so maybe re-reading with a writer’s eye will help me with my goal of improving.

And I could begin with this one…

What do you think about rereading books on your shelves? And what book would you reread first?

22 thoughts on “good writers re-read good books

  1. Great post & good for you as well. Often when we revisit things like books/ movies we grasp something we may have missed before, especially when years have gone by & we’ve grown.
    Like you, my shelf is divided into spiritual , poetry, urban, self help autographed collections & all my college literature, lol. I recently re-read a book called “mindset”. It’s based on the theory of a fixed vs growth mindset. I’m thinking it will be a great tool for some twenty year olds I’ve been working with. Nice to hear from you, hope all has been well 💟.

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    1. Sorry, to continue, it made me go through my shelves and donate all the books I wasn’t intending to reread, to a charity shop.. It left me with space to get some of the new authors like Diana Wallace Peach/ But, the author I started to rered cwas

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      1. I apologise, again., my hands aren’t very steady this morning. Perhaps Marquessa would be good enough to edit this for me. The author I srarted to reread was Anne McCaffery and her Dragons of Pern series which was excellent and just as enjoyable second time round.
        Massive Hugs

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  2. I’ve got lots of books I’d like to reread. But since I have about 500 books on my goodreads “want to read” shelf, I’m not sure I’m going to be rereading anything anytime soon. But back to rereading… I’m easy. I love most books I’ve read. I understand some of the not-so-great reviews some of the books I enjoyed have gotten. I understand the issues those people had with the books. But none of those things bother me. I’m a simple person when it comes to reading, I guess. If I become invested in the characters, I’m all in.

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  3. I love re-reading books! I have so many that I need to read though…

    But there’s a particular series by Nora Roberts I’ve read countless times. It’s the Morrigan’s Cross Trilogy.

    My favorite book to re-read might be The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern, though. It’s SO good! Every time I read it, I pick up on new details.

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