Stuck is where I am.

But truth be told, that’s where I have been for the longest time.

Nothing to do with the pandemic.

Nothing to do with my lack of oomph for fiction writing.

Nothing to do with my enhanced role as a caregiver.

It has everything to do with being half a century old now and fearing that I’ll die without discovering how close I could get to being the best version of myself for…me, myself and I.



Oh so stuck.

Tell me have you ever felt so stuck that you have no clue how to take action?


20 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. Currently there, but I was burnt out before the pandemic. I have taken breaks and I still don’t feel recharged. Before, all it would take was a short break. But this time I think it’s a cumulation of everything plus the usual suspects. Being isolated and not ready to go back to normal with interactions for my family’s safety isn’t rejuvenating. I pray that you come out on the other side it.

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  2. The answer to your question is YES. I’m in the same place & have been for months now. It hit harder a few weeks ago when I turned 49, now worried about 50, not sure which direction to go or what the right decisions are. So although it may be for different reasons, I can relate to feeling stuck.

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    1. Yeah…similar to what I said in a previous comment…”trapped” is a good word. Problem is we have the key to get ourselves untrapped but how is that we can put the key in the lock and open the stupid door?


      1. I’m not so sure I have the key. I’m trapped because of my family situation (husband/kids) and my financial situation. But I can’t get a job that fits into my life with the kids. And I can’t leave the kids. And I can’t leave the husband without a job. Nor would I leave without the kids. Trapped. I’m going to need more than a key, I’m afraid.

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