My Next 12, Your Next 12

It’s now or never.

It’s time to make myself a priority after years of supporting other people’s agendas while mine have been left gathering dust for decades.

In addition to that, these past months have been full of personal challenges that will eventually end on a very sad note and now more than ever, I need to take time to discover the things that I enjoy and the ways in which I want to spend my time before I no longer have the opportunity to do so.

To be quite honest, I don’t know where to begin with figuring out what is important to me but I am ready to find out.

My 2022 plan is to loosely use Sarah Ban Breathnach’s – Simple Abundance: 365 Days to a Balanced and Joyful Life” as a jumping off point and according to 12 themes broken down by Aldís Elfarsdóttir in a post that you can read here.

I say “loosely” because I plan on tackling whatever feels right in that moment.

If you are interested in tackling “your next 12”, drop me a line in the comment box and keep an eye for an update by mid-December.


M xoxo

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