Bloganuary? Nothing to lose…

I blame my friend Sandra over at @whatsandrathinks for making me think about doing about this challenge.

It wasn’t so long ago that I said that my writing challenge days were over because I wanted to concentrate on my fiction writing but here I am…again.

The pandemic has sapped away most of my creative energy so I have nothing to lose by attempting this.

Maybe it will be a good semi-distraction while I am taking care of my father. Maybe I will give up completely by January 3rd. Maybe I will see the challenge through to the end.

What I know for sure is that there are much more important things than stressing out over writing so I’m going to give it go…

7 thoughts on “Bloganuary? Nothing to lose…

  1. It sounds like it could be fun! But you’re absolutely right about not stressing out over what to write. That’s one thing I had to teach myself to accept with this return to blogging. 1) just write it and don’t worry about how good or bad someone receives it. If you’re happy with it, that’s all that matters. 2) If you got nothing, don’t force it

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