What was your favorite toy as a child? Day #4 – Bloganuary

Bear and Pillow

Bear and Pillow

You can call me Bear. You see, the little girl Marquessa (well, big girl now) to whom I belong never really gave me a name for fear that her brothers would find a way to make fun of me.

Without a doubt, I was Marquessa’s favorite toy. I still have a special place in her heart even 50 years later.

Unlike her other stuffed animals that remain abandoned on a couch in her parent’s basement, I moved out with Marquessa and took up residence in the middle of the futon in her home office. I have never endured the confines of a storage box or the far corner of a crowded closet. She would not have felt right doing that to me.

Instead, I have always had the privilege of having my own special spot. For a bear, I think that I have aged quite well. A little dusty and missing an eye isn’t too bad for all those years.

And as a companion to me, Pillow has always been at my side. Pillow was handmade by Marquessa’s mother and as a baby it was that same pillow on which she rested my head. Now I use Pillow to rest my head as well.

In a perfect world, it would have been fitting for Marquessa to one day pass me and Pillow onto her own children but since that will never happen, I will continue to savor the memories I have with her.

©2022 Marquessa Matthews

16 thoughts on “What was your favorite toy as a child? Day #4 – Bloganuary

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  3. I love this, Marquessa! Having your favorite toy do the talking was a very clever approach to this topic. My husband’s favorite toy was also a bear… a teddy bear. We still have it. It sits in a basket in our living room (well at least it did until we had to take everything out of there because we are having our floors redone). I need to be sure when I get home that I have a good talk with Teddy and see where he’d like to go next! Check out my take on this prompt, will you? I’d love your feedback!

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