These are some of my favorite photos that I have ever taken of my Dad.

My Dad and I loved hanging out on our balcony watching the sunset over the ocean every evening whenever we were in Puerto Rico.

We both loved the beach and early morning walks when the world was oh-so-quiet. When I eventually return, it is going to feel really weird without him.

I’m truly hoping that he is enjoying an even prettier view on the better side of paradise with family and old friends that were waiting to greet him.

Before he passed a few weeks ago, I made my Dad promise to always be my guardian angel and to save me a seat right next to him on the other side when he arrived there.

Of course, he was quick to agree.

In turn, my Dad made me promise to not join him too soon and he was also very clever in making me promise to do a number of things I will not share here.

Well, I plan on keeping the promises I made to him.

And in order to keep those promises, I don’t want any distractions that will take me off my path so I will be logging out of most of my social media apps and this WordPress account by the end of this week.

My plan is to only check my direct messages on Twitter and Instagram since that is where I mostly communicate.

But before I log out, I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for your sincere condolences.

Thank you for being concerned about my well-being and checking in via DM to find out how I’m coping (or more like not coping).

It touches my heart to know that those who I have become friends with on WordPress would be so kind and thoughtful.

Thank you and when I return, I’ll tell you all about what I have done during my time offline.

With love and lots of it,


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