consciously unplugging

The posts I was writing in dedication to my Dad…

I took them all down and finalized the ones I had left in Draft for me, myself and I offline. And as I stumble across old posts that no longer resonate with me, I’ve been removing them too.

It’s time to unplug and purge for a little while, including things in my life beyond this blog space.

A friend of mine decided to consciously “unplug, purge and be more positive” for 30 days before her birthday this month. Her hope is that by the time her birthday hits, her mind will be clearer and she will finally be able to focus on what her needs and wants are with less distractions.

In the past few weeks, I’ve watched her become more relaxed as she has intentionally unplugged from situations that others keep trying to drop into her lap and people who haven’t brought any added-value to her life in years (and never did).

As she said, the pandemic, politics and being forced to slow down made her unpack sh*t she had either turned a blind eye to or that she was simply ignorant of. Now, she as she undergors this process, she is making time to “repack” only what she needs and wants in her life.

I understand where she is coming from and have been feeling the same way for a while now.

Though my own birthday is more than 30 days away, I’ll be following in her footsteps by doing my own version of unplugging and purging. And I might as well start early since I know I need to take a really, really deep dive…

But I’ll be back.

In the meantime, you take good care of yourself!

M xoxo

11 thoughts on “consciously unplugging

  1. I think this is both an underrated process and takes a lot more courage than people care to admit. I hope you get everything out of it you’re hoping for and plan to share your experience when you return. 🙂 Maybe, someday I’ll be brave enough to try it!

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    1. I am hopeful that it will work. I’m still in the purge mode. I was thinking about seeking out a few others who would like to be part of a private informal blog space to motivate each other. Would you be interested?

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