to quit or not to quit?

With the pandemic and what has been a bunch of miserable “lowlights” in my life recently, my creative side has been suffering for the longest time – the reason that I took a step back from this blog.

And I must say that taking a step back has felt good.

Very, very good.

It’s time to think about what I want to do and where I want to go (if anywhere) with my fiction writing and this blog space.

Should I simply “quit” my blog or take it in a completely different direction unrelated to my interest in fiction writing?

Do I give up on the idea of publishing my fiction and just write for my own pleasure?

So many thoughts but I have yet to make any firm decisions.

Have you ever contemplated packing it in and quitting your blog? Have you changed the direction of your blog since you started?  

43 thoughts on “to quit or not to quit?

  1. I have thought about quitting a few times. I think you should just write what you desire and don’t focus on anything specific (unless you want to of course) because that’s the fun and idea of having one’s own blog, it’s our creative space and we should get to do whatever we want with it.

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    1. Yinglan, you are right. Just writing about what I desire should be the objective. I need to shift away from my original idea of using my blog as an author platform. I guess I can always do that at a future point in time.

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      1. I drifted away from the idea of using my blog as an author platform eons ago but in the recent weeks, I’ve doing some backend work and might be drifting back. But do what you do best and who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself drifting back to your original idea somewhere in the future.

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  2. I have recently given up on writing the book I have sporadically been working on. I decided instead to concentrate on my blog and write for pleasure and if I get a collection of good posts written I might put them together for a book, see my “Messages to my followers” post. I vote for you writing for pleasure first and foremost.

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    1. Thanks Stace. I enjoyed your post. I too have drifted away from the dream of writing/publishing a book. Especially after all the research I did on it (and which began my analysis paralysis). Shorter serialized fiction was always an idea of mine and now I see it becoming a “thing” (Vella, etc). My mindset is shifting back to that.


  3. It should either be for pleasure or for compulsion. Probably both. But if anything more so for compulsion. I think most people who write do so because they cannot ‘not write’. It can be like throwing up – so not really a ‘pleasure’ but preferable sometimes to not throwing up. And a bit of a relief once it’s out.
    All that said I seem to have given up myself. Though it’s less like giving up than just stopping.
    I don’t seem to have anything to say.
    Which would be fine if it came after a lifetime of saying important and moving things, but the truth is that I’ve never said anything much. Now I’m just being quieter about it.
    This probably hasn’t been very helpful advise.

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    1. I always love your responses. 😁 Since I started blogging, I have wavered between compulsion & pleasure. But with blogging, I was/am so drawn in by the engagement and exchanging with such nice folks that my fiction took a backseat. I get it when you say “its less like giving up than just stopping”. I too find that I don’t have much (positive) to say because things have been a bit dark. But I’m slowly seeing some light so I need to decide where to put my focus and plan accordingly.


      1. We differ, perhaps, in the desire to say something ‘positive’. I feel no compulsion to do so – to come across as an optimist, or to try to make other people feel better. Though I am, by nature I think, polite – and this can be a bit of a limitation.
        But overall I’m just a bit silent at the moment. I don’t want to say things just for the sake of being heard.
        You are going great, though! Keep it up!

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  4. I have thought about packing it in, but I there’s so much work I’ve put into this so it changes with me.
    I have decided on my writing to do it solely for me as I won’t ever get rich off of it, I just need to write more.

    I hope you do stay but we all have to do what is right for us. You will be missed if you go 🙂

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    1. Hey Simon. Yeah, I guess getting rich from our blogs is will likely not be. I wouldn’t even know how to approach my blog to get $$$. Writing for yourself, regardless of who is reading, is the best approach!

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  5. I hope you don’t quit your blog because I LOVE reading it, you’re a brilliant writer and your GIFs make me laugh. I hope you keep chasing your dream of being a published writer, I really believe you can do this. At the end of the day, you need to do what YOU feel is best for you…we’ll just support you as you do it xx

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement Janet! I will keep writing but the dream of “publishing” is really no longer important to me. Wrapped up in that “dream” was also wanting to prove to certain others (who discouraged me from writing) that I could do it as a way to prove them wrong. Seeking that kind of validation is no longer a part of me and that is the positive side.


  6. Sigh… This is a decision I’ve been struggling with too. The single most important goal in life for me is to be a published author. That’s all I want to do. I would feel like a failure if I were to leave this earth not having accomplished that. I started blogging to hone my skills, feel that temporary satisfaction in hitting publish, and build an audience who would enjoy my stories. But now I’m slowly realizing how much blogging is distracting me from reaching my ultimate goal. It’s taking too much time and creative capacity, and I have nothing left to contribute to my book. But it’s hard to completely let go because so many times blogging has pulled me out of deep, dark depression spells. A shift is needed though.

    I recently drafted a post titled “Done with blog hops.” I never published it though because it turned into a semi rant about a linkup that was removing my posts because I wasn’t commenting on everybody else’s posts. I’m a little embarrassed by the visceral reaction it triggered (why I ultimately didn’t publish the post), but it made me stop and think: Why am I here? Why does this feel like an obligation rather than a happy commitment? Why am I letting this stress me the f*ck out? So rather than announcing that I was done, I just decided that I would just be done. Given that the majority of my blogging output since 2015 has been blog hops, I knew that meant I was going in a different direction. I don’t mind. There are things I’ve established on my blog in the last few months that I prefer doing. They don’t take as much effort, and if I can’t think of anything, I don’t force myself to write. That’s most important. The book must be prioritized, not the blog. Of course, as I type this, I’m realizing how much dead weight I’m still holding onto. Another wave of mass deletions might be on the horizon!

    There are some hops that I will continue doing though, like Insecure Writer’s Support Group, which is only once a month, and the A to Z Challenge (a couple A to Z stories I want to publish). Then I have my self-challenges that I do that I can’t quite give up yet, like 31 Days and BlaPoWriMo.

    I can’t see myself 100% quitting blogging. Because if I didn’t have you guys in my virtual life, I probably would finally go crazy. It’s just a matter of deciding the best medium for my creative outputs. What’s better suited for the blog, and what do I need to keep private to one day go in that book? And then how much time will I spend on both? Again, obviously the book should be prioritized if I ever want to accomplish that goal.

    I’m sorry this comment became sort of a mini blog post! lol. I enjoy reading your writing, whether fiction or personal, so I’m selfish to say I don’t want you to go. It’ll feel too much like losing a friend, even though we’ve never met in person. But I would definitely understand if you decided that your blog isn’t the place for your fiction anymore, as I’m coming to realize that myself.

    Whatever you decide, I’m with you!
    With love,

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    1. We think so much alike that I should call you my little Sis. 🙂 Instead of publishing now, my dream is attracting a loyal readership of serialized fiction, likely just online. Before I leave this earth, there is one story (passion project) that has been in my head for too many years. Like you, I realized a long time ago that blogging was delaying my writing but I couldn’t stop – I loved the engagement too much. And don’t apologize for the long response – I always enjoy them. 🙂

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      1. I feel you sis! It seems like the only way I can finish a book is when it’s in a serialized format! Lol. Novel’s too daunting I guess. You should look into Kindle Vella! It’s apparently not knew, but I’m late in learning about it, as usual lol. But I’ve seen a few bloggers posting their serial stories there. And I’m considering moving mine there too, particularly my Christmas serial because I’ve been promising to “publish” that one for years now lol

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        1. As far as I heard, Vella is not available in my neck of the woods but I could do something similar on my blog. Maybe I’ll rewrite one of my A to Z’s to get the juices reflowing.

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  7. I’m having a similar issue with my blog no longer being what it started as or bringing me as much joy. You have to find your joy, M. That’s what it really boils down to. You can’t ‘do things’ to find happiness, you have to find happiness first, then everything you do will feel more fulfilling.

    I know that and really need to follow my own advice and I’m trying. But as someone who’s been following your blog for years, I can honestly say that I’d rather miss you, knowing that you’re only gone because you’re out there finding your joy.

    And you can still publish your fiction without a blog. There are many platforms where people post their stories just for the sake of the stories, without having to maintain a blog-presence. Medium is one that I know of off the top of my head, but I’m sure a Google search would bring up many others. I’m just saying, your writing and blogging aren’t attached, they’re separate entities and all yours to do with whatever you like. (Sorry for the long comment!) 🙂

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      1. I created an account and signed up for their newsletter and am seriously considering publishing articles there. It seems like a very active and popular platform. If you’ve been on there for almost a year and a half, I assume your experience has been mostly positive. Are there any drawbacks to watch out for?

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    1. Thanks AC, I remember the pure happiess of just writing fiction and sharing it on my blog. I want to find that joy again but I also know that posting fiction isn’t the best platform. When I get myself sorted, maybe I’ll look into Medium or Patreon or etc. Separating the blog from the fiction and vice versa is still messing with my brain. And don’t apologize for the long comment. Like I said to N, I love them. 🙂


  8. I’ve thought about quitting many times. Sometimes, it’s due to a shift in the “cohort” of bloggers that have begun following me (I’ve noticed bloggers come/go in waves, and I’ve experienced a few iterations at this point).

    I’ve thought about quitting giving the times. For example, it seems silly sometimes to be blogging about my stepmother’s intrusive behavior when there are literal wars and pestilence occurring.

    When I feel like this, I take a break, but many times, I just needed that…a break. I return refreshed and renewed.

    I would hate to see you, in particular, leave, Marquessa. Mainly because we kinda started together and you got me hooked on Alejandro lol I feel like I know you and (now your father) because of blogging.

    Anywho, this long-ass comment is just to say, I understand.

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    1. I guess we all go through this self-questioning every so often. Taking breaks does help but it feels like everything has shifted for me. I feel like its now or never for my fiction writing. I may not have made any decisions but I do know that “Alejandro” is part of my passion project (though his name may change) so hopefully I can get you re-hooked. 🙂

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  9. Hi Marquessa! It is so great to see you writing again. I have been super busy, but that’s never an excuse to not read your blog.

    I’ve certainly changed directions with online writing. For instance, I still have my Gravatar/ WordPress handle, but I no longer write on WordPress(not enough engagement and other things) . So I am with Medium now where I get the feedback and a good payout. Some feedback is not good, but hey, we all learn from one another. I’ve also tried podcasting, but again no one is trying to listen to book reviews.

    Sometimes we have to self-reflect to see where we are going. Change is very hard for me, but for my writing which is a part of me, I had to obey the universe and do it. I could do better, but it’s a start!

    The best to you!

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    1. Hey EricaJean! I hear you when yu talk about the less engagement. Thanks for the info about Medium. Not sure if I want to be distracted on a fresh platform but I will eventually look info it – as long as whatever I post remains my property, Medium might be an idea. Do you have the same handle on Medium?


    2. EricaJean! I had no idea you moved to Medium! I’m so glad to see you’re still writing! My SO has been trying to convince me for months to join Medium. Same reasons: more engagement, higher chance of actually making real money. I’ve been hesitant, because I do actually enjoy having my blog and the thought of starting over on a new platform is scary, but recently some things about WordPress have really annoyed me. Like there being far fewer blog themes for writers and those unwritten rules about blogging–in order to build a following you have to engage with other blogs. Too much work, ain’t nobody got time for that, I just want to write. 😂 I follow maybe 100 blogs, but there’s only a handful whose post I actually look forward to reading (is that bad?). And I do feel like some of my stories die on WordPress lol. They’re viewed once when they’re first posted and then never again. So maybe I should actually consider it…

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        1. I’m not sure. I’ve been doing a lot of reading (blame analysis paralysis), and the only thing I could find that hinted at that was that stories have to be complete. But I think that was more so to prevent clickbait posts—only posting half a story, and in order to read the rest, you have to click a link. I feel like serialized stories should be okay, as a “chapter” is still, in and of itself, a complete story. But since I haven’t posted on Medium yet, take everything I say with a grain of salt lol.

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  10. I had a lovely glass of wine during the pandemic and wound up working 14 hours days, 7 days a week. I lost myself. Now that I have time, my writing has floundered so I’m finding my way back in by blogging. (I annihilated my last blog in the hopes of publishing) Painting fuels my creativity though I’m still drifting. I think it’s okay to step away and try different things before tackling your dreams or changing them. Your blog is lovely.

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    1. Thanks Kelly. I’m glad that you are finding yourself back in your blogging. I guess stepping back from time to time is necessary especially if changing direction.


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