You never really know, do you?

I usually live under a rock.

I mean, in the months that I was taking care of my Dad and since he’s been gone, I barely watch the news and I don’t keep up to date on current events. When I do watch tv or Netflix, it’s 99% on the weather network or Hallmark-type drivel as background noise.

Right now, I am perfectly happy being “Ignorant” with a capital “I”.

But, I did hear the sad news the other day about that celebrity who passed – the one who always appeared to be super happy, funny and light-hearted…When a friend texted me about it, I immediately thought it was a social media hoax because it sounded totally crazy.

But it wasn’t.

It is a sad reminder that looks can be deceiving.

…That you can never really know what someone is struggling with on the inside or the feelings of despair that overwhelms their soul.

…The despair that may be invisible to those in their closest of circles.

…The “playing happy” that has gone on so long that it has become second nature until you don’t have the energy to do it for one more day.

I have no clue about that celebrity’s life and situation but what I do know is that whenever I ask someone, “How are you?” and they are comfortable enough with me to say, “Not good”, I am prepared to stop and listen.

You never know how genuinely lending your ear to someone could affect a person’s day, hopefully for the better.

4 thoughts on “You never really know, do you?

  1. I totally understand. A coworker asked me how I was the other day, and I said, “Good!” And then went, “Wait, no I’m not. I don’t even know why I said that.” It was the morning after I had found out my best friend has incurable, inoperable cancer. Sometimes, it’s important for us to be there for our friends. It’s also important for us to be honest with ourselves. ❤ That situation was so sad. Heartbreaking. 😦

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear that news. When you actually speak your truth, it is amazing at how often someone will say, “Oh my God. The same thing happened with me…” and it makes a world of difference to know you are not alone.


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