“No One In The World”

Brian was still on my mind.

I dropped my yoga gear onto the floor and slammed the front door behind me. I hadn’t been able to relax during yoga class after hanging up on Brian and now that I was home, all I wanted to do was order some greasy take-out and chill in front of the television. Without turning on the kitchen light, I washed my hands at the sink, opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of soda.

“I thought you said that you are avoiding sugar from now on…”

Brian’s voice boomed from the corner of the room where he sat on my couch, looking totally annoyed. I surprised myself by not screaming out when I dropped the bottle directly onto my big toe. All 6 ft 4 of Brian rose up from from the couch and slowly approached me.

“What are you doing scaring me like that? How did you get in?”

As soon as I said it, I already knew the answer. He still had the emergency code to my door.

He remained silent as he stepped towards me. I outstretched my hand to stop him.

“You need to leave.”

Brian came even closer and then stopped a few feet away from me. I backed away to put more distance between us.

“No, I won’t leave. You hung up on me earlier and we weren’t done talking.”

I backed up to the door and opened it.

“There’s nothing more to talk about for now. I need space. We need space. Please just leave.”

But Brian didn’t budge.

“You can’t put all the blame on me for the other night. You were a willing participant. Instead of talking all of this out, why would you rather make this hard? You are making me crazy.”

“Brian, you made it very, very hard for me to think straight the other night. You just need to go, okay?”

A guilty look clouded his face but it quickly disappeared.

“Ok. Have it your way.”

Brian brushed past me and I moved away so that our bodies didn’t make contact. When the door slammed, I let out a loud exhale, finally feeling like I could breath deeply. Just the thought of the other night with him make my entire body hum. He had done things to me that made me blush just thinking about it.

I shook the sexy thoughts from my head and when I turned to lock the door, there Brian was, just standing there, watching me like he could eat me alive.

In one swift step, he narrowed the distance between us, took me in his arms and hovered his lips barely inches away from mine. I didn’t even have time to think about pushing him away. And even if I did, did I want to?

Brian and I stood there for the longest moment just inhaling each other’s breath. My eyes focused on lips, I felt myself propelling slowly forward towards him.

“There is no one in the world that I want more than you,” Brian whispered with expectant eyes. “If you blame me for the other night, then you’ll just have to forgive me twice.”

My brain couldn’t compute. “Twice?”

He pulled me even closer. “Yeah, for what I did that night and for what I want to do to you again right now.”

Oh, how I wanted to forget everything in that moment but I just couldn’t.

My body stiffened and I snapped out of my haze.


The grin that had started to form at the corners of Brian’s mouth quickly turned into tensely set lips. Just as suddenly as he had taken me in his arms, he let me go and stepped away.  Again, he had managed to leave me breathless.

“I truly hate you,” I said.

“Don’t worry, I hate you too.” Brian opened the door and didn’t look back at me. “And when you finally come to your senses, it may be to late.”

©2016 Marquessa Matthews. All Rights Reserved.


32 thoughts on ““No One In The World”

  1. #TeamTyler – you go! *Doing the Wave* LOL!

    Sorry, I got carried away! I know there are yet-to-be-revealed issues with this couple, but I just can’t with conflicted females. Take the ride or don’t…but do not coast. 😒😄

    Liked by 2 people

  2. mandibelle16

    Intense! These two have it bad for each other. Delaney is just afraid is all. And Tyler didn’t mean what he said he’s only frustrated with her. Great write!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Geraint Isitt

    Some great writing here. Makes me wonder what your relationship status is but that’s personal. Just wondering where you get the info and feels 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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